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EASO 1.0

Automating Hospital-Pharmacy Workflows and More

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Emancro’s EASO product line is world’s first general-purpose mobile manipulator that is meant to empower and support pharmacy staff with mission-critical tasks.

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    Empower workforce

    Solving technician shortage, empowering workforce through robotics

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    24/7 operation

    Robot system operates 24/7, allowing for restocking and inventory checks several times during the day.

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    Item-level counting

    Item-level, e.g. pill-level, computer vision-based counting eliminates need for manual counting of medication (100h/week for 400 bed hospital)

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    Expiration date tracking

    Automatic expiration date tracking ($1000 fine per occurrence of expired medication)

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    Waste reduction

    Reduces Waste by relocating close-to-expiry medication to high utilization areas ($200k/year wasted for 400 bed hospital )

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    Load reduction

    Reduces burden on pharmacy technicians, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

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