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Emancro robot


How does support look like for the Emancro Robot System?
How does the robot’s productivity compare to a human technician?
Can the robot open doors?
Is EASO 1.0 available for lease or purchase?
How long does the robot’s battery last?
What does it take to set up EASO in our hospital?
What if the robot gets stuck or is unable to complete a task?

Assembling Medication Trays

Can I use existing medication trays and tray carts?
Can I use existing shelves that the robot can pull items from?
How does the robot know which trays to restock?
How long does it take to prepare a medication tray?

Restocking Medication Cabinets

Will the robot be able to enter and work in a medication room with tight dimensions?
Will the robot get in the way of nurses and other medical staff?
How long does it take to restock a medication cabinet?
How does the robot enter data into the Medication Cabinet?
How does the robot authenticate with the Medication Cabinet?